2019 16th Indonesia Koi Show and local ornamental fish market visitation 2020-01-13

Zhongshan president enterprise company export sales team went to the 16th Indonesia Koi Show and visited the local ornamental fish market from 29th Nov. to 1th Dec. 2019. Indonesia is the world’s b...

2019 Aqua master Koi Food in Asia Cup Koi Show in Malaysia 2019-06-13

? ??Aqua master Koi food in 12th?Asia Cup Koi Show and visit for ornamental fish market in Malaysia。2019 12th??Asia Cup Koi Show? ? When it comes to Koi show, ...

2019 Aqua master Koi Food in Manila, Philippine 2019-04-18

we visited Aqua master koi food lovers who give us very positive feedback and satisfy the growth rate and clean water feature, and Koi pond would be clear after feeding Aqua master Koi food.

2018 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show 2018-12-24

The 7th South China Koi Show was held in Humen, QDongguan from 12/1-12/2 ,2018. The koi farm and koi hobbyist came together in this place. Let`s review the highlight.?Aqua master Koi Food booth

2018 Aqua master Koi Food in Bangkok, Thailand 2018-12-11

Aqua master export sales team went to Bankok for realizing the development of Aqua master Koi Food in December.The introduction of BangkokBangkok is the capital city of Thailand and locate in tropical...

2018 Aqua master Koi Food in Hanoi, Vietnam 2018-10-25

Aqua master team visited the ornamental fish market in Hanoi in September,Vietnam and local hobbyist enjoy Aqua master koi food that also become one ofthe best brand in Vietnam.

The Highlight of Aqua master Koi Food in 2018 interzoo 2018-06-11

The world`s biggest trade fair which gather the global superior supplier for the pet industry. In 2018, there are around 2,000 exhibitors from 100 countries and also attract 39,000 professional buyer....

Find the agent with Aqua master 2018-05-23

Why Aqua masterFounded in 1967,Uni-President Enterprises Corp., one of the leading food company, has proactively extended the scope of its core businesses to the international market.

Aqua master in Interzoo 2018 2018-04-28

Aqua master In Interzoo 2018 During 8-11 May 2018 in Interzoo, the world biggest trade fair for the international pet industry, it will take place in?Nürnberg, Germany. Aqua master will present ...

Aqua master Koi Food in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2017-06-30

The export department of Zhongshan President visits the koi market in Ho Chi Minh city and would like to understand the sales performance of Aqua master.。The introduction of Ho Chi Minh City?Vie...

2017 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show(Aqua master Cup) 2017-12-07

? ? ? ?2017 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show was organized in Hanlin Experiment School, Dongguan,Gunagzhou from 12/2-12/3. This Koi show always gathers Koi hobbyi...

Aqua master in CIPS 2017 2017-12-01

Aqua master(Unif) will introduce the new product to industry and customers every year by the international exhibition. In 2018, Aqua master will join Interzoo from 5/8 to 5/11.

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